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Volunteer in Cambodia

Volunteer in Cambodia

Cambodia is most famous for the spectacular temples of Angkor Wat, but the Khmer Kingdom has so much more to offer travelers and volunteers! With a far less developed tourist scene than other parts of South East Asia, Cambodia has plenty of untouched natural habitat and rural communities who are eager to share their culture and traditions with you. Volunteers who do venture beyond the popular region of Siem Reap often rate Cambodia as a highlight of their travels for its simple, unspoiled beauty and genuinely warm people. Cambodia’s fascinating yet brutal history has done nothing to dampen the spirits or wipe away the smiles of these eternally cheerful locals.

If you want to volunteer with wildlife you will find plenty to choose from in Cambodia, ranging from marine conservation projects on the region’s beautiful beaches to wildlife sanctuaries and rescue centres for abused animals. The mighty Mekong River, a life-vein flowing through Cambodia, sustains a wealth of interesting wildlife including rare species such as the Irrawaddy Dolphin.

Community based volunteer opportunities include construction and development or education programmes where you can teach English and provide vital opportunities for children in under-resourced areas to learn and play. In exchange for your kindness and time, you will be treated to the wonderful hospitality of these kind-hearted people in a truly unique and unforgettable addition to your backpacking or gap year experience.

Easily accessible over land from Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, Cambodia is well worth a visit if you are traveling in Asia. Steeped in spirituality and tradition, be sure to make time for the awe-inspiring Angkor temples, exploring the lush Mekong Delta and enjoying the happening night-life of Phnom Penh or Siem Reap and the laid back beach paradise in Sihanoukville. Volunteering in Cambodia is guaranteed to both captivate and inspire you.

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