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Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteer in Thailand

Thailand offers a wealth of opportunities for volunteers and gap year travelers. Famous for delicious food, beautiful beaches, lush rice fields, colourful culture, smiling locals and vibrant nightlife, Thailand is well established as a popular destination for backpackers and tourists. But the booming tourist trade is a mixed blessing for Thailand, making up a large part of the economy but also contributing to the exploitation of animals and people and the degradation of the country’s natural beauty and resources.

As a volunteer in Thailand you can be part of the solution, not part of the problem! Make your visit meaningful and experience the real Thai culture beyond the tourist trappings. Interact with local people, living in a homestay for an authentic and unforgettable experience as you contribute to community development or help to teach English and other subjects in underfunded schools. For nature lovers, Thailand’s wildlife includes rare and majestic creatures such as tigers and elephants who are seriously under threat from human development, poaching and tourism. Volunteer to care for these animals in sanctuaries or rehabilitation centres and to encourage conservation of their natural habitat.

From the cooler mountain plains of the North to the tropical Southern beaches with their infamous full-moon parties, from stunning and serene temples to the bustling nightlife of Bangkok, Thailand has something for everyone. A treasure-trove of culture with many spectacular festivals each year, world-famous cuisine and a rich tradition of herbal medicines and Thai massage, Thailand is a treat for all the senses. Visit this golden land of smiles as a volunteer and give something back to this land with so much to offer. Thailand is an essential destination for volunteers, backpackers and gap year students in Asia.

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