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Volunteer in Malaysia

Volunteer in Malaysia

Volunteer in Malaysia and enjoy rich cultural diversity, stunning landscapes and incredible biodiversity. Malaysia’s tropical rainforests harbor many rare and endangered species offering volunteers ample opportunities to work in conservation programmes with orangutans, elephants, tigers, sun bears and other incredible wildlife. Visit Malaysia on your gap year to experience everything from ancient and relatively unspoiled forests to majestic mountains and idyllic tropical beaches. The combined heritage of the Malay, Indian and Chinese communities make Malaysia a multicultural kaleidoscope with a fascinating history and a range of visual and gastronomic delights to suit all palettes.

Malaysia’s cultural contrasts are showcased in the federal capital Kuala Lumpur, where skyscrapers, designer malls and five-star luxury hotels overlook simple wooden houses, traditional markets and street hawkers touting cheap and delicious local treats. Volunteers can contribute to developing urban communities, teaching English and tackling poverty, or discover a completely different community experience in a traditional fishing village or rainforest tribe, empowering local people to preserve their environment and benefit from sustainable tourism.

The states of East Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak on Borneo Island have a wide range of volunteering opportunities for nature lovers and green travelers with many conservation programmes and rehabilitation centres for vulnerable species such as sun bears and orangutans. In the west states, volunteers can help to protect tigers and other wildlife around Taman Negara or preserve turtles, coral and marine life on the paradise Perhentian Islands, to name but a few exciting and rewarding projects. Jungle trekking, snorkeling, diving, caving and many other activities will keep you entertained whilst sandy beaches and affordable massages create the perfect environment for those who want to relax.
With breathtaking scenery, stark contrasts, warm and friendly locals, tropical climate and culinary adventures, Malaysia has something for everyone. The perfect place to explore on your holiday or gap year.

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