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Volunteer in India

Volunteer in India

Located in Southern Asia is a country full of diverse culture and history. It was once the home to the Indus Valley Civilization with its historic trade routes as well as other vast empires. Four of the world’s major religions originated from India thus shaped the country’s diverse culture. As India is a country with a long history, it is filled with unique architecture such as the Mughal and South Indian architecture styles, a variety of prominent early literature such as the Sanskrit and Tamil literature. With so much culture and history in a country, the music and performing arts would be as unique as well. Ranging from Indian classical music and dance to modern movie making companies such as Bollywood.

India is an interesting place to volunteer as it has so many interesting locations for volunteers and gap year students to visit such as the Taj Mahal, the Himalaya range, Ganges river and many more. There are also a wide variety of volunteering programmes in India ranging from animal conservation, community development to humanitarian projects. Volunteers and gap year students have so many choices to choose from!

As India is also one of the earliest civilisations in the world, it has so much culture and traditions in every nook and cranny. Volunteers can explore so much on the traditional medicine, ayurveda and yoga techniques and learn about ancient legends and Indian history. India is full of surprises and it is one of the top destinations for volunteering projects.

Volunteer and gap year programs in India