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Career Opportunities in Teaching and Community Engagement in Malaysia

All our positions in teaching and community engagement are linked to our community and conservation projects.

Merapoh Rainforest Conservation and Community project

TEACHER (Rainforest)

The teaching for this project involves classes for the children of the Batek forest tribe. You will lead 3 classes per week for the Batek children – teaching basic levels and in challenging conditions. We use minimal resources and try to take the children outside of the classroom as much as possible.

Merapoh Teacher 2018 – Full job description 2018


Ecoteer House -Perhentian Islands Community Project 

TEACHER (Perhentian Islands)

The Ecoteer House is a community / Environmental Awareness project based in the village in the Perhentian Islands.  The project leads school clubs, beach cleans, eco snorkel briefings and under Blue Temple a small scale recycling scheme for the resorts and dive centres.

Perhentian Teacher – Full Job Description 2018



A new role to give a boost to previous recycling schemes and ride the wave of the current global Ocean Rescue campaigns. You are bound to gain valuable skills that can be appplied worlwide.

Recycling & Waste Management Leader – Full Job Description 2018


If you want to develop a career in the booming responsible tourism sector, then this is your chance.

Perhentian Ecotourism Leader- Full Job Description 2018


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