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Volunteer in Cambodia, a Southeast Asian country surrounded by Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. It is one of the least developed country in Southeast Asia. Officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia, it is well known for its strong Buddhist and Hindu influence and the ancient civilization of Angkor. Cambodia is a country filled with volunteering opportunities. As it is a country that has just started to develop, it has many untouched natural habitat which are filled with wildlife and rural communities that are excited to share their culture, traditions, stories and many more with visitors who are keen to know more about them.

  • Cambodia has a wet and dry season due to the monsoon season. Temperature range from 21 to 35 °C. Volunteers are encourage to visit during the dry season which last from November to March. This is the season when activities will not be disrupted with rain. During the raining season in May to October, it is a suitable time to volunteer for wildlife programme as the nature is most vibrant during the rainy season.
  • The staple food of Cambodia is rice served with a variety of side dishes which consist of a selection of vegetables, herbs, fish, chicken and pork. The food served in Cambodia is similar to its neighboring country serving a variety of soup noodles & rice.
  • Khmer is the langue of the Khmer people and also the official language of Cambodia. Throughout Cambodia, several Khmer dialects can be identified at different regions of the country.
  • All volunteers, gap year students and tourists require a visa for the duration of their stay except for volunteers who holds Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia nationality.

Volunteer programmes in Cambodia