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Adventure Travel in Asia

What is Adventure Travel?

Adventure travel encourages you to stretch your mind or your body–and often both–while having a wonderful time. It doesn’t matter whether you are hiking up a 4,000m high mountain in Malaysia or diving with sharks in Borneo. What counts is the new ways you are seeing the world, making friends in foreign places and how you are pursuing your own definition of adventure travel.  Come and experience the adventure of your lifetime with us in Asia.

Adventure Travel Opportunities in Asia

Asia is blessed with some of the most outstanding natural sites just waiting to be explored.  You could cruise along the Kinabatangan River in search of Orangutans in Borneo, or perhaps you prefer to trek to highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia whilst at the same time helping to set camera traps to ‘snap’ pictures of what lurks in the Oldest Rainforest in world in Malaysia. Adventure travel in Asia with Ecoteer will set you on a trail of excitement whilst helping to protect the environments in which you are visiting.

Ecoteer Responsible Travel offers a broad range of Adventure travel projects in Asia.