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Responsible Travel/Volunteerism

Responsible travel is a way of traveling that is being considered as an alternate way of travelling quite recently. It is gaining popularity as more people are getting aware of the negative impacts of how travelling could impact the local community and the environment. Thus responsible travel aims to reduce these environmental and culture impacts but instead improve and enhanced them.

Responsible travel aims to be environmental responsible, being culturally conscious and economically aware of the local community and the environment.

Voluntourist, are tourist who volunteers their time while traveling is also quite a common way to travel nowadays. The voluntourist will usually cover their own cost for food, accommodation and transportation fees, will immerse themselves in a volunteering programme which is dedicated to a project that can be related to community development, environmental conservation & preservation, education, humantarian and many more. This is known as voluntourism.

Many of the responsible travel/ volunteerism incorporates cultural rich activities, environmental awareness activities or contribution to the local society such as education or humanitarian effort.