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Fund a cause in Asia

Other than volunteering there are other ways to support a cause. Ecoteer believes that donation’s shouldn’t just be ‘given’ to organisations but used to fund specific micro-projects. All donors no matter how large or small their contribution will receive an bi annual project report pertaining to the micro-project they supported.


How to raise your funds

Fundraising can seem daunting at first but we are here to help. The first thing to do is have a chat with us about which of our current projects you want to raise funds for. Then look through the Ecoteer Fundraising Pack which will provide you with some ideas and materials to get you started.

If you want some inspiration for ideas please visit here for past volunteer fundraising events.


Donate to our Projects

Island-wide Sea Turtle Conservation – Perhentian Islands

It has always been my dream to help establish a turtle wide conservation effort in the Perhentian islands. It is now finally coming true. Help

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