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Help Build Bedhu the Bear’s new Enclosure

Help us to raise money to build this cute little bear a near home. He was confiscated after his previous ‘owner’ was selling him on ebay!

Hi, my name is Sian Cowan. Last year, July 2013, I went looking for a once in a lifetime opportunity. I signed up for the Orangutan & Community volunteer project at Yogyakarta in Indonesia where I would be helping care for orangutans, and an array of Indonesian wildlife, rescued from the illegal pet trade. A trade so massive, it is second only to the drug trade in the world.

While I was here, at the rescue centre, I became fond of a baby sun bear named Bedhu who had been confiscated after an online bidding war. At the start of his time here he was only 5 months old and we were able to take him out his cage and let him climb trees and forage through leaves and dirt on the ground. However, as time has went on he has grown significantly and is increasingly stronger everyday. This has, unfortunately, left him confined to his cage all day, everyday.

As I have now returned to the centre where I work full-time as an unpaid intern I am trying my best to raise funds to improve the life of this baby bear. I have worked closely with the staff here at the centre to organize a huge fundraising project so that we may be able to build a bigger and better enclosure for Bedhu. An enclosure as close to his natural habitat as possible. We want to be able to offer him trees to climb, earth to forage through and a water pool for him to splash in.

To encourage donations we are offering a competition. Our ultimate goal is to raise £12,500, which is an extremely high amount. But we are offering a prize with the winner receiving the opportunity to experience their very own adventure; a two week stay here at our rescue centre. You will take part in looking after and taking care of these amazing creatures. You will have the chance to work closely with animals such as orangutans, small primates, reptiles, a variety of birds and not to mention our little star, Bedhu. We also run English classes for the staff working here at the centre and in the local village for the children, offering them an opportunity to raise their future prospects. The prize will also cover a day out visiting an ancient Buddhist temple, Borobudur and the chance to see an active volcano, Merapi.

For a chance to win this amazing prize all you have to do is donate. Every $10 dollars you donate will count as 1 prize draw entry, so the higher your donation the more chance you will have of winning the prize.

Please help us give this baby bear a better chance in life. A life he deserves.

Many Thanks

Sian & Bedhu

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Help Build Bedhu the Bear’s new Enclosure

Help us to raise money to build this cute little bear a near home. He was confiscated after his previous 'owner' was selling him on ebay!

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