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Teach Children Volunteer in Nepal

Teach the children in the community schools of Nepal the essential living skills from English to music and acrobatics

Teach Children Volunteer in Nepal

This academy is an initiation of Nepalese youth that began at Tanahu, Nepal in May 2011. The Academy works with the help of national and international volunteers in partnership with the local community. Instead of paying fees, the parents of the students volunteer at the school for two days of every month. The Academy grows its own rice and is involved in animal husbandry and fruit farming. We use modern methods and resources like showing documentaries and taking them on field trips to inspire and educate the children. This is our second year and already many villages have approached for our help. They are happy to give time instead of money as payment for the school. We are working with two more villages in Udaypur and Syangja this year. We hope to reach maximum number of children whose parents cannot afford private school education. It is a revolution that is just beginning and we need the help of other likeminded individuals if this mission is to be accomplished in the long run. If we are afraid of little children picking up guns, we should provide them with an alternative weapon to break out of poverty.

Location: The school is located at several locations which are
1. Udhin Dhunga, Tanahun District in the Gandaki Zone
2. Chisapani, Udaypur
3. Jaipate, Syangja

Your volunteering location would highly depend on which school would need your assistance the most. As these school are located in rural areas, please be prepared for a journey which includes several hours of bus ride (6 hours or more) and hiking to arrive at these school. The journey may not be easy but we hope that you will be able to see and enjoy the real sight of Nepal and have your adventure of your lifetime.

If you don’t have the opportunity to volunteer but had always wanted to do something for a good cause, why not fundraise for these projects! Visit our Fundraising page for more info or write to us here


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  • Cost

    1 week – MYR990 (approx. £190)
    2 weeks – MYR1630 (approx. £310)
    3 weeks – MYR2075 (approx. £400)
    4 weeks – MYR2525 (approx. £480)
    MYR – Ringgit Malaysia

    Includes food & shared volunteer accommodation, Ecoteer Responsible Travel Lifetime Membership


    Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for us to process your application and payment.

    Please make an initial inquiry by telling us about yourself and what project you would like to join. Contact us here

    To make a booking, please contact us here.  We will then email you back with more information and the application form.  Please complete the form and send back to us so we can confirm your reservation and inform you how to make the deposit payment. If the deposit is not received within 2 weeks from the date your reservation is placed, your reservation will be cancelled automatically. Full payment is required no later than 1 month before departure. You may pay online by credit card or a direct transfer to our account. Once a deposit has been paid we will email you our Know Before You Go guide, which will give you useful information to help you prepare to volunteer.


    Cancellation Policy

    a. Cancellation of reservation must be made in writing to avoid any misunderstanding. If the company receives notice to cancel 30 days or more before the date of departure, a minimum administrative fee of RM100.00 or 10% of the tour deposit (whichever is lower) per person will be levied.

    b. If notice of the cancellation is received 29 days or less before the date of departure the following charges will apply:

    c. 15 – 29 working days before the date of departure = 50% of deposit
    8 – 14 working days before the date of departure = 20% of FULL COST
    3 – 7 working days before the date of departure = 40% of FULL COST
    2 working days or less before the date of departure = 100% of FULL COST

  • English and Nepali are the mediums of instruction. The primary school curriculum emphasizes the importance of community, allows for creativity, independence, and critical thinking, and includes the core areas of learning and experience, these are: Language and Literacy (Nepali, Hindi, English), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, Creative and Expressive Arts, Information and Communications Technology and Vocational Education in Agriculture and Computer Science.

    Students leave campus to expand their knowledge and experience through educational field trips. This provides a direct first-hand experience in learning and provides stimulus for classwork and independent projects. When teaching English attention to all aspects of literacy – speaking, listening, reading, writing, spelling, and handwriting – is given top priority. Art, music, and drama activities develop a student’s creativity and confidence; the academy places an emphasis on increasing student’s imagination and creative passion.

  • Shared accommodation with other volunteers

  • Arrivals on Sunday. Classes starts from Monday to Friday. Departures on Saturday or Sundays.

  • 1. What are the requirements to join this volunteering project?
    Volunteers will need to be able to speak English to be able to communicate with the facilitator. Minimum age requirement is 18 years old.

    2. How many hours do volunteer work per day?
    Classes are held in the morning and in the afternoon

    3. Do I need to apply for visa to join?
    All volunteers except of Indian nationality have to apply for visa to volunteer in Nepal.

    4. Is this program suitable for families with children?
    This teaching English to children volunteering programme is not suitable for volunteers coming with young children.

  • To make an enquiry or to book, kindly email us using our Contact Us form.


“Surrender” – the one and only advice given to me by a fellow volunteer an hour after arriving at the Tribhuvan Airport. While the word itself was simple, the weight of it was tremendously felt the morning of the second day. Fifteen hours of two bus rides and halfway through my six hours hike to Chisapani Village, I kept repeating that word in my head like a mantra. “Surrender”, the only way to enjoy this retreat is to surrender to the experience, totally.

I wasn’t there to be cuddled by the comfort of home.

When I reached my destination, all the hardship of the journey were washed away with beautiful sceneries and wonderful people. Even if my stay there was rather short, everyday was filled with such amazing experiences. The students were very eager and highly energetic, the teachers were very helpful and motivated, and the villagers were just warmth and welcoming. Each passing day, I began to understand the magic of the academy and the great positive impact it has to the community there.

Now that it’s over, I have to admit missing the positive vibe of giving more than myself, of being a part of something bigger, the movements towards revitalization of the education system. I’m sure I’m going back to the project again in the future.


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