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Photography & Videography


As a Photographer and/or videographer for Fuze Ecoteer, you will be responsible for taking high quality photos and video footage. You will be expected to watermark your images with FE logo and then store them online in the FE system. You will also be responsible for editing the video footage you shoot into short promotional videos to be shown online and to future clients. Your manager will provide you with training with regard to shooting and editing.
You will be based at one project with your manager and potentially 2 other videographers/Photographers will be based at other projects. You will all rotate amongst the various projects, and take it in turns to shoot footage of groups that we host.

Key Duties

-Take images of our general projects and for groups
-Edit the photos and add the FE watermark and your own name.
-Upload all photos online so the FE team can access at all times.

– Shoot footage from general projects
– Create short 1 to 2 minute video clips and upload online to promote happenings at the general projects and also more formal promotional clips for groups.

Social media
– Upload all photos online to our database
– Use selected photos for Instagram updates from the projects.

General Requirements
– Highly organised
– Good photography and videography skills
– Your own equipment.
– Ensure a good level of communication between yourself and the managers at all times.
– Provide cover for colleague’s leave and illness as required.
– When on project – Do as the Project Leader/manager asks of you.
– Travel for the purposes of work following agreed timetabling and budgets.
– Provide adequate notice of any travel needed whether work related or personal.
– Must display a professional example to villagers, volunteers and colleagues at all times.
-Must adhere to all safety measures, protocols and procedures as directed by Ecoteer.

– Free mixed dorm accommodation whilst at Project sites.
– Able to use the communal staff food at each project base..
– 1 day off per week and a block of 4 days off per month during the project season (February to November).
– All work related expenses (NOT TRAVEL TO OR FROM MALAYSIA)
– Free Wifi internet
– Written reference letter upon completion of internship

Start and End Dates
Start any time!

We prefer longer durations and if you stay for the whole season we can offer an allowance after probation.
How to apply
Please submit your cv and cover letter to

Apply NOW!!!