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Perhentian Community Liaison Leader – 2018

As the Perhentian Community Liaison Leader you will be responsible for developing the connection between Ecoteer and all stakeholders at Perhentian Islands (villagers, NGOs and operators). You will also be expected to help cover holidays for other staff and interns and therefore be expected to do all roles when needed. Working with the Project Leader and your colleagues, you will organise weekly sessions with the local community, encourage more active participation from the villagers and expand the impact of Ecoteer’s community tourism practices (malay dinner hosts, increase participants for cooking lessons, village tour guides, snorkel guides helping the diving team) that introduces more villagers to potential new forms of tourism revenue. Being a Bahasa Malaysia speaker, you will be expected to co-lead in three weekly school clubs (English, Eco-Snorkel and Ecoteer Environmental Clubs) and lead the clubs when the Project Leader is away.
As part of a small team you are also expected to help with daily house cleaning chores, provide cover for your colleagues and as such should ensure you have a full understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Key Duties

Perhentian Island Ladies Association
ν Organise regular weekly sessions with the Ladies Group to discuss any important issues.
ν Increase interest from resorts to buy and help develop orders from resorts for the local kuih made by the ladies and promote Malay dinners to tourists.
ν Develop other fun and bonding activities that tourists could get involved in to produce alternative income for the group.
ν Act as a secretary for the group and help manage them with meetings.
ν Promote the ladies group online via facebook, tripadvisor and a blog.
ν Organise capacity building and bonding sessions with qualified trainers.
ν Organise trips to develop enviromental awareness of the ladies.
ν Develop environmental activities that the ladies could lead and make an income (for example composting, recycling or plant nursery)

Build support from the local community
ν Talk to the villagers on a regular basis. Meet them at their homes, invite them to Ecoteer House.
ν Produce laminated pictures of how the village and islands have changed to spark protection towards the islands.
ν Discuss how important a healthy and clean environment is to tourism. Without it, tourism will be much less I the future.
Collaboration with Other Stakeholders (NGOs, government agencies, schools, universities, operators, etc)
ν Assists Project Leader to organise meetings with other stakeholders to discuss any issues at Perhentian Islands and the possibility of a collaboration to work towards a sustainable island.
ν Be the liaison person between all the stakeholders.
ν Conduct surveys or interviews as required.
ν Update the Perhentian stakeholders list regularly.
ν Encourage stakeholders to work together and assist to organise environmental activities, eg. beach clean ups, awareness information booth, etc.

Conservation and Community
ν Help with the collection of Coral Watch Data from selected snorkel sites.
ν Identify and implement opportunities for sharing data.
ν Ensure safe practice when conducting Coral Watch Surveys and working with villagers.
ν Promote sustainable practices through projects and by sharing information.
ν Involve tourists in the program when appropriate.
ν Host a weekly safety and awareness briefings and information booth at resorts around the islands.
ν Take part in composting and recycling projects.
ν Work in the garden.
ν Involve in beach and/or village clean up.

School Clubs and Adult English Classes
ν Lead ALL school clubs and adult English classes as you are a BM Speaker.

General Requirements
ν Be a team player
ν Ensure a good level of communication between yourself, Project Leader and colleagues at all times.
ν Undertake and demonstrate consistent planning of your workload and adhere to set deadlines.
ν Meet regularly with the Project Leader as the timetable of the project allows.
ν Assist the Project Leader in completing Risk Assessments, Operating Procedures and programme content as required.
ν Complete reports as required.
ν Provide cover for colleague’s leave and illness as required.
ν Do as your Project Leader asks you.
ν Travel for the purposes of work following agreed timetabling and budgets.
ν Provide adequate notice of any travel needed whether work related or personal.
ν Must display a professional example to villagers, volunteers and colleagues at all times.
ν Must adhere to all safety measures, protocols and procedures as directed by Ecoteer.
ν Must notify Project Leader of issues that affect the completion of set tasks.
ν You are expected to carry out daily house chores with the other staff on a rota basis.
ν Take on tasks in addition to the descriptions above as delegated by the Project Leader that are deemed fair, achievable within the present task load and within the person’s capability.

Personal Specification
ν Excellent communication skills and confident public speaker.
ν Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia.
ν High level of organization and ability to meet deadlines.
ν Knowledge of the work of Ecoteer in Malaysia.
ν Teaching experience and good with working and living with children.
ν Competent in using Microsoft Office.
ν A flexible and adaptive approach.
ν Must be comfortable in accessing assistance for a demanding role.

ν Free mixed dorm accommodation at the Ecoteer House in the Perhentian Islands Village.
ν Share of communal food at the project
ν 1 day off per week and a block of 4 days off per month during the project season (February to November).
ν All work related expenses (NOT TRAVEL TO OR FROM MALAYSIA)
ν Free Wifi internet
ν Written reference letter upon completion of internship

Start and End Dates
February 2018 until November 2018

We prefer longer durations and if you stay for the whole season we can offer an allowance after probation.

How to apply
Please submit your cv and cover letter to

15th November 2017

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