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Volunteer in Laos, a country located in the Southeast Asia region which is landlocked sharing a border with China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Laos was not once a popular holiday destination due to its recent turbulent history, but now it is starting to become a popular holiday destination for cheap traveling packages and backpackers. Laos has a high potential in the tourism industry as Laos as a holiday destination is able to offer many interesting tours and exploration which are suitable for adventure seeking holiday travelers. There are several famous destinations in Laos which are gaining quite the popularity such as Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Van Vieng just to name a few.

Laos is famous for its French architectural buildings from the past years of French colonization. Thus Lao culture, food and language has been slightly influence by French culture. However the Lao People have their own traditional culture making Laos a very culturally rich and very interesting place to explore and experience. This makes Laos a perfect holiday destination for community exchange and community projects for holiday travelers and volunteers who would like to know more about Laos and its people. These community development projects involve teaching English to children, construction of public facilities such as a meeting house, schools etc, and educating communities in environmental awareness and self empowerment.

As Laos is also located in the regions of the tropical rainforest, it is a perfect destination for volunteer projects and adventure travel such as river rafting, mountain hiking and jungle trekking activities. These rainforest are also home to many wildlife species providing lots of volunteering and holiday opportunities to volunteers and holiday makers who love spending time in nature and having their holidays with the wild as their holiday destination.

Come and have your volunteer holidays in Laos as your holiday destination through volunteering and experience Laos.

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