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Volunteer in Indonesia and help out the local wildlife and people. Indonesia is a country made from a group of islands is a popular destination that offers a wide range of holiday and volunteering programmes. Jakarta, Bali, Yogjakarta, Bandung and Kuta are major tourist attractions in Indonesia.

Indonesia is famous for its tropical forest and its large numbers of islands. Each island has their own communities with very different culture varying from one island to another. Indonesia is filled with culture and wildlife nature attractions.  This brings lots of volunteering and holiday opportunities to volunteers and holiday makers who love spending time in nature and having their holidays with the wild or immersing themselves into a new culture. Indonesia has many wildlife and animal conservation volunteer programmes which are suitable for holiday makers and travellers who would like to make their stay in Indonesia meaningful and authentic. These volunteer programmes provide holiday makers and green holiday travelers a chance to be a part of animal conservation efforts in Indonesia.

There are also plenty of community development volunteer projects in Indonesia for volunteers and holiday makers who prefer to interact more with the local Indonesian community. These community development projects involve teaching English to children, construction of public facilities such as a meeting house etc, educating communities in environmental awareness and self empowerment.

Come and have your volunteer holidays in Indonesia as your holiday destination through volunteering and experience West Malaysia in one of the most meaningful and authentic ways.

Holiday Destinations in Indonesia

Spend 2 weeks volunteering with orangutans & other animals for £845 if you book by 31st Jan 2018!

Provide care for orangutans and other orphaned and injured wild animals who are preparing for rehabilitation and eventual release back to the wild.

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