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Volunteer in Borneo and experience the treasures of this island. Borneo is separated into three countries which are Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. The northern region of Borneo has two Malaysian states which are Sarawak and Sabah. The southern region of Borneo has one Indonesian state which is known as Kalimantan. Borneo is a popular holiday destination that offers a wide range of holiday and volunteering programmes. Cities such as Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan are popular holidays and volunteering destinations on Borneo.

Borneo is famous for its tropical rainforest scattered with huge limestone caves and formations with some being gazette with UNESCO Heritage site status such as the Mulu National Park in Sarawak. Borneo’s lush tropical rainforest brings lots of volunteering and holiday opportunities to volunteers and holiday makers who love spending time in nature and having their holidays with the wild as their holiday destination. Borneo has many wildlife and animal conservation volunteering programmes including orangutan, Proboscis Monkey’s and Elephants which are suitable for holiday makers and volunteers who would like to make their stay in Borneo meaningful and authentic. These conservation programmes provides volunteers and green holiday travelers a chance to be a part in animal conservation efforts in Borneo. Currently Borneo has several animal and wildlife conservation volunteering programmes that involve Borneo’s iconic wildlife such as the orangutan, turtles and hornbill conservation programmes.

Borneo is also a famous holiday destination for its sandy beaches and beautiful islands in destinations such as Mantanani Island, Mabul Island, Turtle island and many more. These island destinations are also suitable for volunteering holiday destinations for volunteers and nature travelers. Volunteering projects on the islands are focused on marine life conservation as well as community development projects for the island villagers. Joining the island volunteering programmes allows travelers to have a meaningful holiday filled with a different experience.

There are also plenty of community development volunteer projects in Borneo for volunteers and holiday makers who prefer to interact more with the local community. These community development projects involve teaching English to children, educating communities in environmental awareness and self empowerment.

Come and have your volunteer holidays in Borneo as your holiday destination through volunteering and experience Borneo in one of the most meaningful and authentic ways.

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