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Ecoteer Advocates

Do you want to help the projects on Ecoteer Responsible Travel ?? The best way to support the various projects under Ecoteer is to help send them more volunteers.
More volunteers = more hands and money = more things can be achieved. In a nutshell, this is the Ecoteer Advocates scheme.

Become an Ecoteer Advocate now. Tell the world about the projects and earn cash at the same time. So, a win-win situation for everyone.

Ecoteer Advocates



The Ecoteer Advocates scheme helps you to easily promote the Ecoteer Responsible Travel volunteering projects. You can do so on your blog, website or even facebook pages. Consequently, you will receive a 7% commission from any sales created via your website/promotion.

The easiest way to maximize your impact of being an Ecoteer Advocate is to build a simple site or facebook page and then organise a presentation at a local school, college or university.  When you give a presentation, target a whole class of individuals with an interest related to the Ecoteer project you volunteered on, for example, Marine Biology. Speak to a relevant lecturer or class leader, and ask whether you can provide a short 10 minute presentation about volunteering opportunities in Asia, as an optional add on for students after a lecture.  If you could organise for a school field trip then even better!


Most of all, we will provide you with a PowerPoint to structure your presentation, when you sign up for the Ecoteer Advocates scheme. It will consist of 10 – 12 slides. Importantly, you should aim to present for no longer than 10 minutes, with a few minutes following for questions.

Presentation components

1) Introduction

2) Introduce the project you volunteered with

3) Aims of the project you volunteered at

4) Description and examples of voluntary work

5) Embellish the presentation with your own photographs

6) Describe your favourite memory of the trip

7) Describe why it was worthwhile, and how it has helped you (career development, travel experiences, and making new friends).

8) How to book with Ecoteer – direct them to your site.

A guide script is included in the PowerPoint Presentation supplied. There are guidelines within the presentation to aid its completion and tailoring for your personalised presentation.

Please show off as many of your photographs as possible!

Ecoteer Advocates


At each presentation, please ask the participants to complete a short attendance list which includes their email.  The email is very important as this will be used to track your commissions via the Ecoteer Tour Management system.  After you have completed the presentation, collate all the email addresses and email each attendant personally giving them the relevant Ecoteer brochures in PDF.  Then submit the list of emails to and we will do the rest for your tracking of commissions.  After your first presentation we will give you a personal Ecoteer Advocates login, where you can see what commissions you are due.  You will be able to add widgets onto your blog and websites which will again allow you to benefit from commission generated through your sites.

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