Career Opportunities in Outdoor Education and Adventure in Malaysia

Outdoor education adventure


These internships in Ecotourism & Outdoor Education are based at either of these locations:

Belum Adventure Camp. And it is just that. A camp with high ropes, ziplines and conservation work in the world famous Royal Belum State Park.  With the highest density of elephants, Malayan Tigers and over 300 species of birds, the Royal Belum State Park is the best place for experiencing the rainforest.


The Roots Eco Resort. The Roots is based near to Ipoh and is a paradise bamboo resort with its own swimming pool on the foothills of Mount Korbu. The resort is near to several indigenous peoples villages and you can get involved in adventure as well as cultural tourism.


Outdoor Education Leader

This role requires you to lead school and university groups throughout Malaysia. You will be trained to manage safety on high ropes courses and ziplines.  This is a role for a happy go lucky person who wants to learn about adventure ecotourism and managing school groups.

Outdoor Education team Leader – Full Job Description 2018



Belum Adventure Camp Assistant

This role requires you to help at the Belum Adventure Camp. You will be part of the team to manage the everyday activities at the camp. You will be taught how to manage the high ropes and zipline.

Belum Adventure Camp Assistant 2018 – Full Job Description



Roots Eco Resort Assistant

You will be part of the team to manage the Roots Eco Resort. The bamboo resort is next to a river where we will host technical kayaking of which you will be trained.

Roots Eco Resort Assistant 2018 – Full Job Description


Perhentian Ecotourism Leader

If you want to develop a career in the booming responsible tourism sector, then this is your chance.

Perhentian Ecotourism Leader- Full Job Description 2018


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