Jackpot Grand online review Australia

27 May
Jackpot Grand online review Australia

Slots are slots. If you are accustomed to mastering them from a conventional casino, you’re not likely to have a tough time adapting to their online nephew. The procedure is an equivalent: put in your hard earned money, choose your paylines and wager, followed by hitting the rotate tab. An area United Kingdom that could

26 Feb
Ecoteer House on Kutoa!

We are glad to share that our Perhentian Island Community & Conservation project – Ecoteer House is now available in Kutoa, another organization that promote socially green travels! Together we can spread the awareness of green & responsible tourism around the world =)

25 Feb
Looking for Malaysian Interns

Are you a Malaysian Student looking for work experience in the community or conservation field?? Or a Malaysian who just wants to help. Ecoteer are currently looking for a Malaysian Intern to volunteer with us in the Perhentian Islands from March til June. Apply soon – application closing date is 4th March 2013

08 Feb
I Support Ecoteer Campaign

Ecoteer & Ecoteer Responsible Travel has just recently started a fundraising campaign in Malaysia to help fund our grass roots volunteering projects such as the Perhentian Island Community and Conservation project. The campaign is called ‘Ecoteer Eco-Friendly NGO Supporters Programme‘ and we are selling eco-friendly products for fundraising and at the same time raising awareness

01 Oct
Win a 2 week volunteering trip to Malaysia!

Do It While You’re Young has collaborated with Ecoteer to organize a sweepstakes event! Win a 2 week stay on the Perhentian Island, Malaysia to participate in two of Ecoteer’s volunteering project on the island! Winners will spent their first week at a resort that conducts turtle conservation and the second week at the Malay

30 Sep
Book two weeks with a discount of GBP115!

Two of Ecoteer Responsible Travel volunteering projects in Sri Lanka is offering a discount of GBP115 for any bookings of two weeks or more from September 2012 to December 2012! The Sri Lanka Programmes selected are the Sea Turtle Conservation and the Elephant Conservation & Community Development programme. This is a great offer as year

12 Aug
Nicola’s Teach in Borneo Experience

It really is difficult to know where to start but I have to admit that I’ve had one of the best experiences of my life as a volunteer teacher at the Melangking Palm Oil Estate. As a Primary Teacher with 15 years experience I decided to do something different for my 6 week summer holiday