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Belum – Temenggor Rainforest

Belum-Temenggor’s relatively untouched forest is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna including 14 of the world’s most

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Teaching & Conservation projects : Bordering Taman Negara

Ecoteer run two projects near to Taman Negara, one is focused on the conservation and protection of the animals and plants of the forest whereas

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Volunteer In the Perhentian Islands

We have two main projects in the Perhentian Islands. Help to teach English and help the local Community or protect Sea Turtles. You can also

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Spend 2 weeks volunteering with orangutans & other animals for £845 if you book by the end of 2017!

Provide care for orangutans and other orphaned and injured wild animals who are preparing for rehabilitation and eventual release back to the wild.

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Join one of our unique eco holidays and day tours in Malaysia

Sea turtle Holidays and Volunteering

Help save the sea turtles of Peninsular Malaysia by joining one of our holidays or volunteer programmes.

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3d2n – Belum Rainforest Conservation Holiday

Try out our new Conservation holiday in the Belum Temenggor Rainforest Complex, the premier rainforest destination in Peninsular Malaysia.

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2d1n Jungle Conservation Adventure – Belum or Merapoh

Jungle trekking with a purpose, join our team on poacher surveillance patrols and learn about the amazing animals that poachers so badly want to catch.

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Rainforest Community & Conservation Adventure Project

Live with the Termiar People & explore the wonders of Malaysia’s tropical rainforest.

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Charity challenges are a great way to support causes close to your heart

Charity Challenge – Summit a peak for the Malayan Tiger

Charity Challenge – raise funds for the Malayan Tiger Foundation and support poacher Surveillance patrols in Malaysia.

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Volunteer by Region

Volunteer by Project Type

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Volunteer work in Asia

Volunteer in Asia and Malaysia with Ecoteer where we run volunteer projects on tropical islands to tiger conservation projects in Taman Negara. Each conservation volunteer project is unique and will allow you to help a cause in Malaysia whilst getting to know the people and culture, offering you a meaningful volunteer holiday experience. You can volunteer with tigers, Learn to dive and save turtles, volunteer with Orangutans or even climb to the 2nd highest peak in Malaysia.

You can also enjoy volunteer holidays in Sri Lanka with elephants or Teach English in Thailand, help local communities in India, play your part at an Orangutan and Wildlife Rescue Centre in Indonesia or even join a volunteer conservation project in Bali.

If you don’t know where to experience a volunteer abroad project then choosing to volunteer in Asia is highly recommended as the routes are backpacker and gap year friendly with many similar travelers on their own voyages of volunteer abroad experiences. You can join volunteer projects in Malaysia, Borneo, Bali, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and many more. Join one of Ecoteer Responsible Travel’s Volunteer abroad projects in Asia and Travel with a cause.


Voluntary work abroad opportunities in Kuala Lumpur-Yellow House KL

Ecoteer Responsible Travel has partnered with a Malaysian NGO to offer a volunteering backpacker hostel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can get involved in local volunteer work as much or as little as you like.  Volunteer work projects range from helping at soup kitchens to conservation projects at Ampang Forest Reserve.  If you want to experience the non-touristy side of Kuala Lumpur whilst helping out then a volunteer holiday at the Yellow House is for you.  The Yellow House is perfect for anyone including families, couples and individuals as long as you want to experience KL.

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Volunteer abroad in Africa

Ecoteer Responsible Travel has partnered up with various NGO’s in Africa, offering conservation volunteer projects that allow you to volunteer with Lions, Gorillas, Great White Sharks, Rhinos, Whales and Colobus Monkies.  Or whilst you volunteer in Africa you may want to help the local communities and teach English or run a recycling swap shop.  Ecoteer’s new marine conservation diving project offers you the chance to volunteer abroad in the Red Sea. You can volunteer in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana and Egypt.

Volunteering in Africa is something that will be challenging, diverse but ultimately satisfying.  There are so many things to see and do and with the world’s largest animals in both the sea and on land volunteering in Africa on a volunteer conservation project can only be described as a dream come true.

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School Fieldtrips and Group Volunteering

One of the best ways to learn is through experiencing.  This is why Ecoteer Responsible Travel now offer school fieldtrip programmes which are perfect for secondary and tertiary education groups.  Your students can get involved in one of our three projects in Malaysia. But all have four similar elements.

These are

Learn by doing – We get your students actively involved in conservation efforts.

Service learning – the best way to learn and to give back to the local community at the same time

Community projects – The community project depends on what is needed at the time at each of the projects, could be beach cleans, home improvement or school improvement projects

Cultural immersion – All of our projects are based in a local village/community. Your programme will benefit the local community not only by your actions but financially (all food, accommodation and transfers are locally owned) and also through a cultural immersion and exchange between your students and the local children and their parents.

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