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Volunteer in Borneo

Volunteer in Borneo

Volunteer on the magical island of Borneo, largest in Asia and third largest in the world. Borneo is split between 3 countries with 73% Indonesian territory, 26% Malaysian and 1% belonging to Brunei. The 140 million year old Borneo rainforest is amongst the oldest in existence and home to a vast number of endemic species including the Borneo orangutan. Borneo and Sumatra are the only places where orangutans exist in the wild and sadly their numbers are rapidly declining. Volunteers can help to protect these highly intelligent red apes in sanctuaries or rehabilitate orangutans snatched up by the illegal pet trade, to live free once more in their natural habitat.

Borneo offers volunteers an array of awesome experiences from visiting jungle tribes, discovering underground rivers in the vast network of caves, cruising turquoise waters and island hopping in the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park just an hour offshore from Kota Kinabalu or tackling Mount Kinabalu – ascending 4095 meters to the ‘Roof of Borneo’ where spectacular views await. For the truly adventurous, the Maliau Basin, known as Sabah’s “lost world” is made up of around 50% virgin rainforest. It is estimated that less than 2000 people have ever set foot inside the basin’s formidable rocky perimeter.

With these few remaining unspoiled pockets in urgent need of preservation, volunteers in Borneo have ample opportunities to get involved in conservation and environmental research both on land and in the surrounding waters. You can also help to provide some of the poorest communities with basic facilities such as clean water and education. The diverse ethnicity in Borneo makes it a fascinating cultural experience, with 30 different tribes in Sabah alone, each with their own dialect and customs. With such multi-cultural harmony, Borneo is a very friendly place to visit, welcoming volunteers and travelers from all walks of life.

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