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School Fieldtrips

School fieldtrips

Conservation through Education – School Fieldtrips in Asia


At Ecoteer Responsible Travel we provide schools with programmes that will not only benefit their students but also the local communities and the environments that they visit.

Ecoteer RT uses Service Learning‘ such as student produced and led lesson plans and school clubs. The school clubs allow the students to share their newly gained knowledge with the local primary school children at each site. The interaction facilitated by the clubs between your students and the local children leads to a wonderful exchange of culture and knowledge.  Your students can join our programmes as part of their CAS, Duke of Edinburgh awards or similar schemes.

All of our programmes contain four common elements


Learn by doing – We get your students actively involved in on-going conservation efforts.


Service learning – the best way to learn and to give back to the local community at the same time


Community projects – The community projects undertaken by the groups depend upon the project and what is needed at the time, past community projects have been beach clean ups, home improvements and school improvement projects.


Cultural immersion – All of our projects are based in a local village/community. Your programme will benefit the local community not only by your students actions but also financially (all food, accommodation and transfers are locally owned) and through a cultural immersion and exchange between your students and the local children.


Please check out our programmes below


Turtle, Coral conservation and Community Project – Perhentian Islands

Download brochure here – Ecoteer House, Perhentian Islands – Turtle & Coral Conservation and Community project


Rainforest Awakening – Ipoh

Download brochure here – Rainforest Awakening, Ipoh – Adventure Conservation and Orang Asli


Tiger Trail – Border of Taman Negara

Download brochure here – Tiger trail, Taman Negara – Tiger jungle trekking


Orangutan & wildlife rescue centre – Jogjakarta, Java

Download brochure here – Wildlife Rescue Centre in Jogjakarta,Java