Merapoh Rainforest Researcher-2018 - Ecoteer Responsible TravelEcoteer Responsible Travel

Merapoh Rainforest Researcher-2018

As the Merapoh Rainforest Researcher you will be responsible for developing a rigorous camera trapping scientific study using 1km Quadrants. You will also be responsible for deciding the schedule for ECO Treks which stands for Educational, Conservational Observation Treks. During the treks you will lead with your colleagues data collection such as visual, pugmark, scat and scratch observations of various animals in the rainforests of Merapoh. Signs of species such as Sun Bear, Malayan Tapir and Gibbons are often found on these treks. You will be the main source of rainforest knowledge for the team and the volunteers.

Key Duties

ν You will lead volunteer groups with a Batek guide to survey certain trails/area for poaching signs on the Main Range side of the Sungai Yu Wildlife Corridor.
ν You are responsible for guiding all new volunteers through the forest safety briefing; you will manage volunteers who most will have never been in a tropical rainforest before.
ν You are responsible for the safety of the volunteers at all times when in the forest, though you will be given training by the project leader and always have a local guide with you so you MUST ensure all suitable safety precautions are taken.
ν You will facilitate volunteers to learn and then collect data from visual, scat, pugmark and scratching observations and help them to understand what we can learn from these observations.

ν Help with the collection of GPS locations for all treks and point of interests.
ν Data recording and analysis as the project leader sees fit.
ν Help with identifying the location of snares and traps as well as poaching camps.
ν Provide details of snares and traps to the Wildlife Crime Hotline.
ν Identify and implement opportunities for sharing data.
ν Promote sustainable practices through projects and by sharing information.

General Requirements
ν Be a team player
ν High level of Rainforest safety awareness.
νHigh knowledge of Rainforest species.
ν Ensure a good level of communication between yourself, Project Leader and colleagues at all times.
ν Undertake and demonstrate consistent planning of your workload and adhere to set deadlines.
ν Meet regularly with the Project Leader as the timetable of the project allows.
ν Assist the Project Leader in completing Risk Assessments, Operating Procedures and programme content as required.
ν Complete reports as required.
ν Provide cover for colleague’s leave and illness as required.
ν Travel for the purposes of work following agreed timetabling and budgets.
ν Provide adequate notice of any travel needed whether work related or personal.
ν Must display a professional example to volunteers and colleagues at all times.
ν Must adhere to all safety measures, protocols and procedures as directed by Ecoteer.
ν Must notify Project Leader of issues that affect the completion of set tasks.
ν You are expected to carry out daily house chores with the other staff on a rota basis.
ν Take on tasks in addition to the descriptions above as delegated by the Project Leader that are deemed fair, achievable within the present task load.

Personal Specification
ν Medium – high physical fitness.
ν Able to work under hot and humid conditions.
ν Excellent communication skills and confident public speaker.
ν Good forest ability and camping safety awareness.
ν High level of organization and ability to meet deadlines.
ν Knowledge of the work of Ecoteer and terrestrial conservation in Malaysia.
ν Competent in using Microsoft Office.
ν A flexible and adaptive approach.
ν Must be comfortable in accessing assistance for a demanding role.
ν Completed first aid training.
ν Adventurous. Experience in outdoor activities preferred.
ν Independent and resourceful.

What you get out of it
ν Rotate with other interns to go caving with volunteers- 1 intern per group.
ν Share of communal food
ν IF YOU STAY LONGER than 6 months we will provide a basic allowance of Rm250 per month for the 7th month.
ν Free mixed dorm accommodation at Merapoh.
ν 8 days off per month – provided as 1 day off per week and a block of 4 days off per month or 2 days off per week depending on work management at Project Leader’s discretion.
ν All work related expenses (NOT TRAVEL TO OR FROM MALAYSIA).
ν Free Wifi internet.
ν Written reference letter at request.

Start and End Dates
Can start any time – December 2017 through to December 2018 and beyond

We prefer longer durations and if you stay for the whole season, we can offer an allowance after probation.

How to apply
Please submit your cv and cover letter to

15th November 2017