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Volunteer in India and touch the soul of a continent country. India a popular holiday destination is a country located in the South Asia region. It is a huge and diverse country, full of surprises at every location you visit. India can be split into two regions; North India and South India. Even though both are of the same country, the food and culture vary quite significantly from each other which offers holiday makers and travelers different things to try. India is a suitable place to choose as a holiday destination because it is able to offer a wide range of holiday packages ranging from luxurious tours to simple and minimalistic backpacking holiday adventures.

India is a suitable destination for volunteering projects because it is a country filled with culture and traditions, so holiday makers and volunteers are able to experience so many things by interacting with the Indian communities. India has also many rural communities which most volunteering projects are located at, as these villages are often in need of assistance in basic education, health & child care, self empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Come and have your volunteer holidays in India as your holiday destination through volunteering and experience India in one of the most meaningful and authentic way.

Holiday Destinations in India

Community Development Volunteer in India

Assist projects which focus on education, childcare and women empowerment and visit India’s famous landmarks such as the Taj Mahal & the Golden Temple.

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